Ahlan Wa Sahlan!

Zahrabel Dining Club is a rare gem on the Hong Kong F&B scene, serving the finest Lebanese food and wine in an intimate, breathtaking setting. We strive to offer our members a complete and unique dining experience.

Our uniqueness

An ever-growing family legacy

As a second generation family-run establishment, Zahrabel is truly a rarity in Hong Kong. Based on the legendary Zahra Restaurant, the original pioneer of Lebanese cuisine in Hong Kong, all of our authentic signature family recipes are cooked with love and pride.

An exquisite sanctuary for members

To register as a member of Zahrabel and enjoy our dining club, please sign up here. As a fully licensed members' dining club, Zahrabel encourages its members to wine and dine in an exceptionally relaxed and warm setting. Members are never rushed, but are rather encouraged to fully enjoy our dining club and all that we have to offer.

An exciting menu concept

To enhance the balance of flavours integral to the appreciation of Lebanese mezze, we feature Sharing Menus at Zahrabel. The sharing of mezze also highlights the joy of communal dining that is so prevalent in Lebanese culture. With an emphasis on freshness, we only accept reservations to ensure that all of our food is prepared afresh on a daily basis.